cyclism, founded by passionate cyclist Danny Robinson, sells cycling gear and accessories to cycling enthusiasts in Japan. They offer products made by reputable Japanese and foreign brands. Danny purposefully searched out suppliers and manufacturers for exclusive bikes, gear, clothing, and accessories. is both a retailer and distributor. They have an online shop for end-consumers and fellow cycling fans. As importers and distributors, they also sell to other cycling shops and resellers in the country. Between their sales channels, hundreds of inquiries reach the Cyclism staff every month. Unsure if Zendesk was the right tool for his company’s growth, Danny contacted Unwired Logic.

Cycling and fashion are lifestyle products. Customer support activities should reflect the brand personality of Cyclism – modern, reliable, and exclusive. However, support and sales struggled to keep up with the number of inquiries and channels. Messages, questions, and orders come in by email, call, or social media every day. Sometimes it would take support over 48h to reply or confirm an email – leaving potential customers unhappy. Danny wanted a solution that would integrate with his Shopify storefront, have omnichannel support, and ensure that an important message never again got lost.

After Danny contacted us, we sat with him to understand his current business and where he sees it in 2-3 years. He appreciated our longstanding experience as the first bilingual Zendesk partner in Japan and our insights into the struggles of SMBs. Together we decided on solutions and strategies to help Cyclism reach its potential.

To avoid lost messages and long response times, we set up a 24h SLA. It automatically sends an alert to the agents in the case of an unanswered email. To optimize the phone support, we implemented Zendesk Talk. Agents can answer calls in the Zendesk interface or forward to landlines and mobile numbers. Zendesk records each conversation, helping to reduce human error when many clients call to place similar orders. Finally, we set up an FAQ to help reduce the strain on agents and deflect common, repetitive questions; Instead allowing clients to search for the answer in the knowledge base. Additionally, staff can now segment customers between B2C (Individuals) and B2B (corporate), giving them more control over their sales channels and important end customers.

Throughout the project, Unwired Logic provided Danny and his staff with training in English and Japanese. We are the first and still one of the few bilingual companies on the market. Our customers value the flexibility and the new perspective that we can deliver.

Zendesk is an excellent solution for small businesses to do better support with less effort and stress. Omnichannel support, FAQs, triggers, macros, and automations – the tools give owners the freedom to manage the business without worrying about important messages getting lost. Danny has regained the freedom to focus on building his business because he knows that Zendesk and his staff have customer service under control and ready to do more business.

Written by

Aaron Farney

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