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By integrating CRM( Zendesk, a customer relationship management tool), and PMS(Storeganise, a dedicated property management tool for self-storage), you can now seamlessly access customer information between the systems – thereby improving business efficiency. For example, you can decrease 75% of time to make appointment for shop visit. Image below shows what you can do with this integration.

What you can do with CRM(Zendesk) X PMS (Storeganise)

1. Unit Search on Zendesk platform No more waiting customers!

You may receive an inquiry from a new customer – “I want to sign up for self-storage at store A. Is it available?”  To respond to such frequently asked questions, we have added a new feature that allows you to receive inquiries on Zendesk platform and check the unit availability on the same platform – without having to switch systems. 

You can instantly search units from CRM

No matter which channels your customers use (Email, chat, SNS), simply search by a store name, unit type, and/or status (such as “Available” or “Occupied”) to check the availability on the same screen of your customer management software, Zendesk. 

This feature allows you to work seamlessly without keeping your customers waiting. 

2. Existing Customer Detail-Answer inquiries in seconds!

With our existing customer app, you can check the user’s billing/payment status and the unit information being used by the user on Zendesk ticket interface when an inquiry is received from an existing user. If the user information received in Zendesk matches the information registered in Storeganise, the billing/payment data and unit information will be automatically displayed, making it possible to check without having to go back and forth between the two systems. 

In the image below, you can see how much this customer paid for which unit, since when, immediately.

Improve Your Support Agents’ Work Efficiency 

Unwired Logic offers time and cost saving solutions for self-storage business operation using IT technology. We provide free Zendesk x Storeganise system integration to our customers who implemented Zendesk and Storeganise with us. 

If you are interested, feel free to contact us from the link below to upgrade your self-storage management.


Our industry is changing rapidly. It is the time to upgrade your operation!

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