Storeganise Self-storage software Auto billing

Automated billing saves time, money, and stress.
With Storeganise, the system automates the routine tasks involved in self-storage billing.

Automation is a powerful tool to improve security and reduce overheads. Free up yourself or your staff by handing over routine tasks such as:

  • Processing booking
  • Processing payments
  • Sending bills
  • Inventory & delivery/collection tracking

Storeganise combines all of these benefits of automation. Here is an easy way to set up automated billing at your self-storage facility.

Automate your billing with Storeganise

‘General settings’ enable you to manage the settings for all users, while ‘User Details’ is for setting management of an individual customer.

The settings relevant to automated billing are ‘Billing Method’ and ‘Billing Trigger’.

User setting

Auto Billing with Storeganise

Payment gateway

This is the default setting for most users. When this setting is active, the user’s registered payment method will be used (e.g., credit card). You can either manually charge the Customer’s card or have the system process it automatically (see ‘Billing trigger’ setting below). A user set to payment gateway cannot create any order from the Customer Portal unless they enter a payment method.


If this setting is active, the users will receive invoices. You will have to update the payment status manually when the payment is made. Users who are set to ‘Invoice’ do not have to submit payment details to create an order in the Customer Portal.

As mentioned before, ‘Payment gateway’ is the default setting. You can override it if you want to allow a customer to create orders without entering payment details or if it is a business customer whom you want to invoice manually.

Billing trigger

This setting controls how the system generates and processes invoices. You have three options available:

  • Default: This will apply the default billing settings from General settings. It also is the default option when you set up. This option will only appear if you are editing the setting in ‘User details’.
  • Automatic: If the user has a payment method registered (e.g. a credit card), the system will automatically charge it. If the user does not have one set up, they will receive an invoice automatically by the system.
  • Manual: If this setting is active, generated invoices will go to ‘Draft’. You will have to manually send them or trigger charging from the registered payment method.
Billing trigger for each user

Overdue invoices (days)

This setting is used to automatically indicate how many days an invoice is overdue. Tracking begins the day the invoice is shipped to the customer. The status is updated daily at 1 PM in the set time zone.

You can set up automatic reminders on the Mail Settings page.

Invoice Reminder with Storeganize

To set up, update and manage your invoice reminders, navigate to email settings. You can create up to three invoice reminders. They will go to your customers at different time intervals unless the Customer pays.

Use the ‘+’ icon to add a new invoice reminder and set the interval. Click the ‘Create button’ when you are done to save the new reminder.

Use the ‘Edit’ button to change existing invoice reminder templates. You can change the trigger, update the content and insert placeholders. See our detailed guide for additional information.

Create an invoice reminder
Example of Reminder Email

Auto pilot your Self-Storage with Storeganise

Storeganise automates every aspect of your self-storage business. There are many features that we were unable to introduce here, so why not take a look at a demo screen of the software?

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